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  • Calculus Early transcendental (offered)

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    Early Transcendental Functions
    Robert T Smith (Author), Roland B Minton (Author)
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
    4th edition (1 Feb 2011)
    ISBN10: 0071316566
    ISBN13: 9780071316569

    The book is in very good condition.

    1 year agoPrice: €40,00

  • University Physics (offered)

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    Sears and Zemansky's
    University Physics
    with Modern Physics
    Thirteenth Edition

    Needed for the basic course Physics.
    Book is in very good condition.

    2 years agoPrice: €45,00

  • 3mm Multiplex Birch (offered)

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    Sheet of 3mm Birch Multiplex
    Minimum dimensions 700x400x3 mm to be used for the laser cutter at Vertigo and DQI.

    Other dimensions are also possible.

    2 years agoPrice: €7,00

  • Arduino Mega R3 (offered)

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    Arduino Mega 2560 R3, new. Incl. USB cable

    2 years agoPrice: €25,00

  • GameTrak controller (offered)

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    I recently bought a bunch of brand new GameTrak controllers, a 3D hand tracking device for videogames. These things are ideal if you are an ID student (or any creative mind) to make prototypes with. You get a device which has 2 ropes that can measure their distance and X/Y position. You can use it as-is or dismantle it to use the sensors. A great example:

    If interested, send me an email and I can tell you more! I want around 20 euros for them, or maybe you have something nice to trade it with. I am interested in all kinds of electronics and sensors.

    The image is the sensor module that is inside the tracker. There are two of them in each tracker.

    2 years agoPrice: €20,00

  • High-end Prototype Develop Kit (offered)

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    I'm selling a MikroMedia XMEGA development board.

    This is a high-end Arduino with a TFT colour Touchscreen, SD Card, Network, MP3 output, a very powerful chip (similar to the Arduino chip but much, much faster) and of course with a lot of PINS. You can connect just about anything to it :).
    It's especially for enthusiastic prototypers and people taking Integrating Technology to the next level. Together with it I have 2 software packs in which you can design the interface on the touch screen and make the code.

    I paid 600 dollars for the kit and never used it (I'm serious... it's still sealed). I would rather see another designer making a prototype with it than to have it pick up dust.

    2 years agoPrice: €150,00

  • Apple Mighty Mouse Wireless (offered)

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    Wireless Apple Mighty Mouse still looking good. (small scratches are present from use)

    Product: MB111ZM/A

    Model #: A1197

    Connection: Bluetooth

    Minimal Requirements: Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer, Mac OSX v10.4.8 or later, Existing Keyboard and mouse for setup, AA Batteries (included)

    Contact me for an offer (even if it's below the suggested price).


    2 years agoPrice: €40,00

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